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    WestList provides premium pooled mining services for innovative crypto currencies


Calling all prospectors!

WestList Mining Consortium is calling for agile crypto currency miners and enthusiasts to participate in our rewards driven collaborative mining operations. Simply select from one of the mining pools below; create an account; and start dominating blocks with your formidable mining gear.

Why mine with us?

We are veteran cryto currency miners and pool operators based in California. We utilize the latest hardware to maintain a consistent and secure 24/7 mining operation.

Feel free to reach us at team@westlist.com if you have any questions.

Mine with a purpose

WestList mining operations target currencies that further the crypto currency landscape through innovative strategies and protocols that foster widespread adoption. In addition, our mining consortium targets socially responsible currencies that aid academic and medical research.

Stake your claim!


Vertcoin levels the cryto currency playing field with the introduction of the Scrypt-Adaptive-Nfactor algorithm. Vertcoin's enhanced Scrypt algorithm makes it ASIC resistant and multi-pool resistant. It's variable difficulty rate and max coin cap will guarantee Vertcoin is valuable and rare!


LiteBar is a digital commodity reared out of Litecoin. Similar to Litecoin, LiteBar is a open-source, uses p2p technology in order to function without any central authority, and relies on Scrypt algorithm as Proof of Work (POW).


 NobleCoin uses cryptography to control and secure the creation and transfer of wealth. It is fast and secure with transaction times of under 30 seconds. NobleCoin believes that a sound, distributed, decentralized and secure means of digital exchange done at a global scale is a noble pursuit.


YACCoin's dream is to be worth about a 100th/coin of what Litecoins are worth. Basically, if Bitcoins are gold, Litecoins are silver, then YACCoin would be the coppers.


PWNYCoin aspires to be the next great "memecoin" in the crypytoworld. Show your love of PWNING a familiar and beloved trademark by mining this novelty coin. 


CharityCoin is a  cryptocurrency with a single goal and purpose, to become the world’s number one charitable cryptocoin helping to fund-raise for charities across the globe.

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